---- April 30th, 2003 ( around 7:20 AM ) ----

And this is it, this week's episode ! And I'm going to be blunt, I don't like this episode. It's absurdly long ( seven pages ), not that funny, and contributes nothing to the plot. Also, for some reason not all scans are very clear, making some panels hard to "read". AND, I'm on my newer computer that does not have Photoshop yet, so I had to correct some typos using another programme, and the result is rather ugly. *sigh*

As you might have noticed, the action is during the night. But as you have noticed, so the image remains clear, I made a large white border around most elements so they do not drown in the black of the sky. Hope you don't mind. ( Not that sometimes I didn't fill out the background at all, for clearity ).

So... yep. This is it. Now GO CLEAN THE GUTTERS !!

- Rao !

---- April 28th, 2003 ( around 6:30 PM ) ----

It is a nostalgic Rao which is speaking to you tonight ! Why is that, I hear you asking ?

The school is booting me out of residence, and I'm going back to my parents for the summer. You know, I never though I'd miss this little room...

My neiborg (<-- I never was able to spell that word ) and her boyfriend, and their noisy nights...

The disgusting bathrooom because we never bothered to clean it...

My neiborg's loud rap music...

The floor I just noticed I had after cleaning up my room today...


I'm going to miss this room...

- Rao ...

Not live from Atlanta

---- April 23, 2003 ( around 9:10 AM ) ----

Hope you had a great "Shove a truck load of chocolat down your gullet while apparently celebrating something having to do with Jesus or something" day !

I have mixte fealings about this week's episode. On the one hand, I think it's funny, and I like the drawings. On the other hand, it's very, very short, there's a bit too much details in the background, and it contributes next to nothing for the story. Oh well, you be the judge.

I had a chocolat cow for easter, and it lasted a whole 3 days. The point of this annecdote ? Nothing ! HA !

Gaahh.. I have to work on a uber important essay these next three days, while simultaenously (err..) thinking about cleaning up my room. My university's policy is " as soon as your last exam is over, get the hell out." Seriously, we have 24 hours after our last exam to boot out. Afterward, I'm back at my parent's place, which means I really need to get my hands on another Photoshop disk....

Speaking of which, what you guys may not ( or may, considering most of you are friends anyways ) know is that the episodes I'm working on right now are a little later then the ones you are seeing. It was planned all along for me to have a little head start in case I couldn't finish an episode on time. Well, consider yourself lucky, because otherwise this week's episode would have arrived late ! I'm actually buzy with episode 12 ( !! ) and I have 20 panels out of 35-ish done. This means I won't be able to complete it completely until the other computer gets Photoshop too. Unless I can somehow transfer it between both computers... hmmm...

Err, I'm done rambling, now. Just go read this week's episode and leave me alone. And yes, the end is pretty bad.

And remember, next week is the National Volontary Work Week ! And I'm not making this up ! Cheerios !

- Rao !

---- April 18, 2003 ( around 7:40 AM ) ----

Well, this news post is mostly pointless, except to announce I might have to creat a fan art section.

You might be thinking: " Pff, what's the big deal ?"


If you knew Eat's talent, you'd make a very big deal out of this.
Like Rockard said to me yesterday: "She's going to overshadow your own drawings, haha!" Or something to that effect. Well, I don't care, cuz if i'm going to be overshadowed around here, I'd rather it be by her.

Or something.

Happy Good Friday, people !

- Rao !

---- April 17, 2003 ( around 8:20 AM ) ----

Just a quick word to say that I corrected a few typoes. Wee.

Also, for those of you that might have not understood the "end of the world" gag at the end : Brake pushes button, weird sound effect, bomb carried by bird, world-wide explosion. It's more or less a reference to the second episode, "{1+2=2||3}=R". Since Rockard couldn't figured it out on it's own, I though I should explain it here.

And I still don't have a clue about these contact problems.

Oh well. Back to studying with me ! ( at that hours ? You bet ! I'm an early bird ! )

Have a great Good Thursday everyone

- Rao !

---- April 16, 2003 ( around 9:05 AM ) ----

Hurray ! Let's hear it for this week's episode !

You might notice something different about the grey backdrop I like to surround the pannels, hmm ? Well, I though a grey rectangle on a white background looked too boring, and I tried to mixte things up a little. I like the "ripped out of a page" kind of look it gives, personnaly.

Some people might notice it's the official start of chapter 1... I'm saying this because some people apparently could not read the "Prologue; part X" I placed before every single episode title...

Also, it seems people are having trouble contacting me, and I do not know why, since sometimes I DO receive messages, and I verified the links, and they point at the right adress. Since I'm not certain what is going on, I can't really do anything about it for now.

Gaahh.. big exam this afternoon.. I guess I should pry myself off this computer and go back to studying...

Have a merry little lamb, everyone.

- Rao !

PS: Yes, the episode is pityfully small. There's nothing much I could do about that. Sorry !

---- April 15, 2003 ( around 6:50 PM ) ----

Yes, this week's episode airs tomorrow morning, making this news-post completely pointless. So sue me.

I just saw Dr. Strangelove by Stanley Kubrik ( can't... spell... name... ) and I must say, it's quite a movie. Pretty darn funny. Not what I was expecting, though, considering it's very very not violent. *shrugs*

Considering most of my news concern tomorrow's episode, I shall shut up for now. Just get ready for some changes.... TAM tam tuuuummmmmm.....

Joyous Nausia

- Rao !

---- April 12, 2003 ( around 9:15 PM ) ----

Just a quick little note about all the hate Exupéry is receiving. Well TOUGH ! I like the little gerbil-thing. And like Jhonen Vasquez once said : " It's MY comic, and I'm going to say do whatever I want ! " Or something like that. I'm terrible with quotes.

And out of nowhere, I received some kind of compliment about my buttons. My damn ferkin' BUTTONS. Heh. Well, a compliment is a compliment. I just hope no one will steel them though... Although if they ASKED... hmm, well, I like there uniqueness... maybe I could do some other custom ones for people, though...


I'm speaking ahead of myself, now...

Shut up, Rao, shut up....

Happy holidays, people.
- Rao !

---- April 10, 2003 ( around 3-ish in the afternoon----

I just got an email from Eat telling me Exupéry is a mongol. Euhm, I'm not certaint that insult existes in english, but it roughly translates to "moron". Pff ! Exupéry is sheer poetic genius ! An analogie of all the greatness of the arts in a small, humble package ! It's the greatest thing of our time, the revolution of art and entertainement, resumed in a single web-page ( and 2 extra panels ) !! Bow down before the KING which is Exupéry !!! BOW DOWN to the SEGMENTED GERBIL... thing...


Okay, it's incredibly stupid. Yet fun to draw. And requires next to no effort. In other words, it's not the last time you'll hear from him.


- Rao !

---- April 9, 2003----

Wee ! It's another episode !
A couple of things to say, though, before you start reading.

The middle part is a.... an experience, if you will. I simply cut off all logic parts of my brain and let my imagination loose. I like the result, but.. heh, you'll see. Note that it's very hard to read, and there's pretty obvious grammar and spelling mistakes, but that's what happens when you let me TOO loose...
In a way, it reminds me a little of Happy Noodle Boy, by Jhonen Vasquez, although it's somewhat more structured... err.. I'll shut up about that, now.

I must tell you this: Monday, Rockard's mustache was full of mayo. Please take carefull note of this.

I find it ironic that this just so happens to be an episode where my drawings seems to improve... err.. this sounds so convoluted... is anyone following what i'm saying ?

Apparently, I can't keep myself from going on, and on, and on, and on...

I though I had something else to say, but I can't remember. Oh well. Watch out for those pot-holes !

- Rao !

---- April 7, 2003----

Oh my gosh ! I found out where to get a counter ! Although I can't get it to work.... And no, this is NOT an excuse not to work on some big, very important paper which I must complete for Thursday !

In any case, the counter will be usefull for me if I ever figure out how to use it, I'll be able to comfirme that I have around 10 readers. If I have more then 15, I'll probably die from a heart attack or something... which shouldn't happen, let's be honest, hehe.

As you can see, my computer is still alive... for now. Hopefully it will stay this way until Wednesday. See ya then.

- Rao !

---- April 3 ( evening ), 2003----

This is a special announcement.

It seems I have insulted my good friend Rockard yesterday, and I publicly apologize for my crime. There. He does not dress like a nerd anymore, and I even saw him with hair gel once or twice. Sometimes he goes even as far as NOT TUCK HIS SHIRT ALL THE WAY IN. Hehe. THere, I'v done it, be happy.


-Rao !

---- April 3, 2003----

I feel like talking some more, so endure !

I noticed yesterday that i'm unwillingly a politicaly correct person... When I count the number of my true friends ( the one I see or have seen in the flesh and with whom I have kept contact ), I end up with two guys and two girls ! Gasp ! And here I am, usually against the whole dumb concept of political corectiveness ( or whatever ). Rockard, Termi = 2 guys. Cammy, Eat = 2 girls. Well, I COULD count D@rk@ngel, but he/she is a cousin, and "cousin" is a gender neutral word.

In even more exiting news, my computer isn't dead.. but it's pretty damn close. Yesterday something bugged and I had to reboot it: I tried to start twice, then twice in NO ERROR mode, then a final desperate time in normal mode, where it managed to start for some reason. Heh... And it just so happens that I have an important paper I should be working on to do, too...
Well, if I ever miss an update in the following weeks, you'll know why.
( now I just need to find myself another copy of Photoshop... *grumble* )

Well, I'm tired of talking. Have a merry war, everyone.

-Rao !

---- April 2, 2003----

Weee ! A new month ! A new episode ! A weird burning smell...

Anywho, episode 3 is now ONLINE. Yes, it's only 5 pages, but they're big pages. So nyah. And if your not happy, well.. err... jump up and down real fast ! Some people, namely Eat, a good friend of mine which destiny made it so we never see each other anymore, asked me if it was normal my episodes are so large. Well... yes. It's the best format I found for now, and it's only a minor quirk... I hope...

For some reason, Rockard, some kind of friend of mine who was raised in a farm and who likes to put cowboy hats on his head ( and who used to dressed like a geek, hehehe ! ) was pretty desperate to be mentionned here. So there. Hope your happy.

ALSO, yesterday I found out there was 4 big mean virus in my temp files. So it is my duty as a friendly comic-author-thingy to remind you to occasionaly scan your files, and stuff. Weee ! I'm a donkey !!

Gah... I'm feeling wacky this morning.. maybe i should stop talking...

Have a merry ( although late ) Happy Fish Day !!

- Rao !