---- June 25th 2003 ( a bit past 3:00 AM ) ----

Gah I'm tired...

I don't know if you guys read my longer postes, so in case you missed it, here's the episode who aired last Saturday, which continues the Artificial Flavour storyline. Also, here's this week's episode !

Whew ! And I want to precise that Brake's thoughs and opinions are NOT my own. There.

Also, I apologize for the blurriness of these sketches. I'm not certain what happenend, but I bet things will fix themselves like usual.

Ì am SO incoherent. I bet I made some mistakes in the coding too. I'm going to double check later, as well as perhaps make a better post. Whatever. I need sleep. ZZzzzzzzz...

- Zzzzao ...

---- June 20th 2003 ( exactly 11:30 ) ----

Heh, this was supposed to be a special Saturday episode, but might as well call it a special late Friday night episode !

Hurray !

Although I feel bad about this... I made you guys wait longer for this one, and... well, it's not my favorite. I tried too many things in perspective distortion and the concequences aren't pretty. That and everything seems especially messy. And the text is very small, for some reason. And there's very few humour, since I was concentrating more on the story-line, this time. AND there's a gay character, which mean somewhere, somehow, some guy is going to be offended. And there's a plot-hole I'm going to have to fill up ( don't worry, you guys won't notice this, it's very minor. But I'm very stickly with details, if such is a word ).

By the way, this is part 10 of chapter 1... out of approximately 20 parts. Chapter 1 is halfway through ! Already !

I say this because I was planning of making two or tree "out of continuity" episodes, and maybe spice it out with a guest/fan comic or two. Now, Eat is supposed to make me one, but I'm calling this out to anyone interested. Just send me an email or something so I'll know. Not like I'm waiting for any form of turn-out, but you know, just in case.

I watched some Evangelion last night ! And it made me remember ( again ) how perverted the manga/anime industry is. And I think it's slowly seeping into my own work. Slowly. Gradualy.

I still don't have a clue out to fix up my character bio page. I think I'm going to ask around a few forums for some help.

I'm surprised people actually READ these little brainfarts... Although I shouldn't, since I love reading blogs in other comic sites. I don't know why. I tend to like reading up on opinions and the likes. It's just so interesting. SO interesting, I can't really describe it.


Might as well end this now, I have spent 12 minutes on this already. Have a great week-end, people. And remember, the schedule is back to "Wednesday-only" starting next week.

Don't ram a fork into your forehead at the dinner table. It's not polite.

- Rao !

PS: I am currently working on finding a way to make it easier to tell who is telling what in my comic. Problem is, since I still have a four episode buffer, you won't see these experiments until august ([_[). Oh well, please try to manage. I'm learning this as I go...

---- June 17th 2003 ( 11:45 PM... well, almost ) ----

It's a few minutes early, but here's... this week's episode !

"But wait ? That's not an Artificial Flavour episode ! It's just three pages of Exupéry ! Booh ! I hate you Rao !"
To be honest, this was done during a week were I needed a little break, so instead of compromising the quality of AF ( the newer, shorter, hipper way to say Artificial Flavour. Or so they say. ), I gave myself a headache with the longuest episode of Exupéry I could manage. Ah well.

The most astute of watchers might have noticed a new button up there called "Extra". That's where I'll put the.. well, "extra" stuff having to do with the site. If a particular gets large enough, I'll bumb it into a main area.

"But Rao, what will we find in this new section ?"

Glad you asked, Timmy.

Right now, there is two things to find. The "Exupéry to English Reading Help" and the beginning of the character bio page. The "Exupéry to English" is there to help you understand those strange scribbles who sorta ressembles letters and words. It's not because making an Exupéry episode gives ME a headache you should have to suffer the same faith. Although I question the sanity of anyone actually interested at what IS being said.

The character bio page is in construction, and it shows. I just don't know how to alligne the images and the text properly, and I'm stumped. If anyone can supply any kind of help, you shall be thanked. And that's about it. Cheap, hun ?

You know, I keep on complaining on Exupéry is bad this, Exupéry is awfull that... Tell you what. For the non-Exupéry fans out there, I'm going to do something... radical. THIS SATURDAY, and this saturday ONLY, I'll make an exception and rip an Artificial Flavour episode from my month-long buffer and bring it to you. Yes, you heard me right.


Now I'm just waisting time, and writing for the sake of writing. Wow, I've been typing for a full 10 minutes now. I think I should stop. I'll try and figure out the problem in the bio page eventually. Meanwhile, marvel at the robot nudity.

Happy 18th of June, people !

- Rao !

---- June 11th 2003 ( almost 6:20 AM ) ----

Stupid allergies acting up...

Anyway, please enjoy this week's episode !

This episode was originaly three different ideas for three distinct episodes, but since they weren't strong enough to substain a full 5 pages episode, I merged them into one, and I must say I really like the result. In fact, they more or less depend into each other. Huzzah.

I just have to say, in those last panels, the tree she's in must be very, very high.

I'd post more, but I'm late for my shower. Must go pick up Rockard from his work place, since his car was destroyed by a herd of wild penguin. Sayonara.

- Rao !

PS!- What do you think of Accelerate and Shift's new clothing ? I was originaly excited by this, since, well, you know, it's a new day, so of course they are going to change what they wear... ( Brake doesn't count, since he's wearing a coat, though his pants are different ).

---- June 4th 2003 ( around 0:25 AM ) ----

Wow... this must be the earliest site update yet. Because, you guest it, it's this week's episode !

In my mind, I call this the "re-beginning". Why is that ? It's around here that I finally grasped where I was going with the story, what I wanted to do, and a few other phrases meaning pretty much the same thing. Hurray !

I'm currently considering making a Cast page, but I'm having difficulties on deciding who should be featured, and what to say... We shall see.

Gah, be patient with this episode... only 5 pages, but they are pretty big...


I'm pretty sure I had something else to add...


Oh well. If it's important, I'll remember eventually, and say it here. KEEP THE NOISE DOWN, I'M TRYING TO SCREAM HERE !

- Rao !

---- June 3rd 2003 ( a bit after 9:00 PM ) ----

Wee. A new slab of newspost to tell you I lost my job.


There should be a new episode tomorrow anyways, don't worry. Have a great one.

- Rao...