---- May 28, 2003 ( almost 8:50 AM ) ----

Oh my gosh ! It's this week's episode !

I like this episode. It's the closest yet at what I wanted to do originaly, although I admit I lost controle on two occasions: while drawing the comic, and again when writing the text. Still, I love the energy, and it provides an important lesson: Shift-centric episodes will be violent.

In other news, I just finished my first night of work, running out of the store screaming and crying around 8:00 AM while my shift was supposed to end at 6:00. Oh, it's not that bad, it's just incredibly boring. And I have learn to hate public radio. But nonetheless, I have nice workmates and an understanding boss: what else can I ask for ?

My feets are sore like hell, I'v got dried sweat in my hair and... something that I forgot. Gah. I'm taking a shower then sleeping for the rest of the day. Then it's starting all over again tomorrow. Wee. May I rest in peace.

- Rao !

( edit : 9 something AM ) For some reason, the "back" button is missing. But I'm in no shape to struggle after that, I'll look into it later. Also, there are some mistakes in the comic, I'll probably correct them later. Wee.

---- May 26, 2003 ( around 9:00 PM ) ----

Oh my gosh ! I am now a working person ! *gasp-like noises*

Yup, I am now working the night shift in some big grocery store named Maxi. Hopefully, I will still have enough time to work on my comic, so you should not see any difference.

On another note, I will break from the tradition of naming my characters with verbs, since the next few characters will be named Max I., Ixam and Xima. This has nothing to do with my futur work place. Now go bang your head on a tree. Or die trying.

- Rao ! ---- May 25, 2003 ( around 9:20 AM ) ----

Just added to links in the "Links" section. Yep, a whole newspost for THAT. TWO measely links, about two sites chances are you might not even like. OR EVEN TOLERATE ! GGRAH ! MY SPLEAN JUST EXPLODED OUT OF MY ABDOMEN !

- Rao !

---- May 22, 2003 ( just after 9:00 PM )----

So, you are wondering: " What the.. what's that blue rectangle clashing with the rest of the site's design doing up there ? " Well, it's my site, and I'm gonna do things like I wanna do them. So there. Actually, I just joined the Top 150 webcomic thingy, so more people can come and give me even less feedback. So VOTE ! But only once a day, or else I can get in trouble, or someday. Whatever. Eat pudding, you rascal ! GRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH ! I enjoy Lucky Charms !!

- Rao !

---- May 21, 2003 ( almost 8:00 AM ) ----

Oh my gosh, is that THIS WEAK'S EPISODE I see ?

Oh yuck, my rice crispies got all soggy while I was working on this week's main update...

In any case, this is an okay episode, introducing one of my favorite designs yet, messing with tradition and featuring clumsy scripting ! Hurray ! Let me delve in a little more detail on the last two matters...

I explained it in the "Last Episode" panel, but you will notice that everyone seems still affected by the end-of-the-world Spook's head explosion, even though the planet was, as usual, replaced exactly as it was. Well since they were in the center of the explosion ( yeah, everyone was. A singing decapitated head usually intrigues people, or so I heard ), they were damaged before the planet was broken persay, and thus were replaced broken. See ? Simple as pie.

But something that REALLY bothers me is how Accelerate seems to know that it was the fake Spook who was killed, although this is explained in two episodes when I noticed that. Just so you know that no, it's not a plot hole. Or rather, it was one, but was quickly fixed. Stop looking at me like that.

On a side note, some of you might think I never ever spellcheck this thing. Well, just so you know, on page 6 I spelled Brake "Break". What was I thinking...

Some time ago someone told me the names I chose are rather simple. Like, short, one syllable names. In reply I say: "Yes. Yes they are. Why make them more complicated then they nead, hmm ?"

I have officially talked too much. Beware of moths.

- Rao !

---- May 19th, 2003 ( around 7:55 AM ) ----

I watched The Professional yesterday and I just felt like pointing out something strange. If you took that girl, Maf---something ( i'm terrible, TERRIBLE with names ), made her a bit older and changed a few minute things, she'd look an awful lot like Shift. In fact, Shift's complete indifference toward other people's life could be interpreted as an exageration of that girl's personality. Let's hear it for sub-concious parodies, people...

Anywho, see you guys on Wednesday...

- Rao !

---- May 14th, 2003 ( almost 6:00 PM ) ----

Hurray ! New internet service, new modem, and BRAND NEW EPISODE !

I like this episode... BUT ! It's my first try at a full fledge battle, and I think it's more comfusing then anything... Bah, you guys will be able to manage.

Also note that now each page won't be as wide !! Yup, they used to be 1800 pixels wide, but now they are 1200 pixels, after a rather high amount of inquisition on this particular subject. Pff.

It's no fair ! Rockard got a job, and I still don't ! I'm gonna kill him ! Grr !

Seems the feedback has lowered a bit... You guys are getting slack ! Although I blame this mostly on Rockard, since it's his fault I'm not as often on the internet and thus be able to catch up with you guys on MSN or Yahell.

Ehm.. that's it for now...

Bullies are human beigns too, you know !

- Rao !

(edit) Because of some probleme I don't quite understand, you might have to manualy type the whole episode... (www.artificialtime.com/episode9/e9page1.html) Don't forget the .html part, god knows how many time I forget THAT... Thanky !

---- May 13th, 2003 ( 6:20-ish PM ) ----

A little word of warning for tomorrow...

See, we have formated the ol' pc since it was overflowing with bugs and whatnot, but... Well, we are having problems installing AOL ( Don't laugh ! Yes, it's AOL... but the only reason we have it is for the 3 free months. So nyah )... So, well, if there is no episodes tomorrow ( or today, since chances are you are reading this on Wednesday ), don't be startled, I'll try to post it as soon as possible.

Why am I not posting it now ? Cuz this is not my computer. Duh.

'Nywho, let's hope for the best.

- Rao !

---- May 7th, 2003 ( 7:30-ish ) ----

Aaahh... A fresh new slab of newspost !

In any cases, the sole reason why you are even here, THIS WEEK'S EPISODE, is live and kicking, and awaiting your watchfull, cruel eyes.

For once, I won't be self-degrating my work, for the simple fact that I really like this episode. Which could be a bad sign. But I don't think so. Ah well.

Now, there's one thing I want to discuss. This week's episode's name : " Bonus Bounty ". As is, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Well, the whole story starts out way back when, when I was still figuring out the basis of the plot. Well, the story was prety much different, and that main "thing" that happens in this comic was supposed to be, well, a bonus. Hmm, it's hard to talk about this while trying not to spoil anything. I'll take another stab at another time in the week, methinks.

Oh, and I have no idea what taht little mess of a sketch is supposed to BE, in the title panel.

Well, that's it for today. Go read a real book or something.

- Rao !