The Cast.

Welcome, everyone, to the cast page ! Basicaly, there's a sketch of all the more important characters, and some kind of description. Why one would read this is beyond me, but readers thought it would be a good idea, so there it is.

A word of warning: This page contains full frontal nudity. Yet, the sketches are so blurred that you don't really see anything. Beside, anyone offended by naked robots has serious issues to consider.


The Hero

Age: 21 years
Hair: Blond.
Eyes: Red.
Distinctive features: Long scar over right eye. Usually seen wearing a long green coat.

Brake was recently employed by Accelerate as a sniper to track down and capture the elusive Spook. Alas, he has shown himself rather inadequate for the job, prefering to stand right in the action, and win in a blazing fire of glory. Flirtatious, headstrong and confident, he carries all the signs of a Hero, and he knows this. Now if only the rest the world would listen to the rules...

The Tomboy.

Age: Body 14, mind 16 ( missed two age upgrades )
Hair: Pink.
Eyes: Green.
Distinctive features: Large and blocky arm shields. Usually wears a cap. Carries her home-made weapons by her belt.

Graduated from the Illegal Weaponry and Technology School at a very young age. Although she is extremely intelligent, she also possesses incredible physical strenght. When infuriated ( which happens often, since she has no patience, nor tolerance ), she can multiply her strenght by charging up her power, creating a bright yellow glow around her body. She seems content to follow Accelerate around and obey her orders. Her relation with Acc. is unknown.

The Silent Warrior.

Age: Body 25, age upgrades are suspected to be lacking, and thus it is presumed her mind is older.
Hair: Golden chain hanging from head.
Eyes: Yellow.
Distinctive features: Permanent armour added to arms and legs. Hair replaced by a long chain, acting as a braid. Feets are bird-like talons. Usually carries two orient-styled swords.

Essentially built to fight, she became a bounty hunter at a dreadfully young age. Although money had always been scant, she had enough to eat and to pay for her expenses, and thus was content. Until she was confronted with the task of capturing Spook. Alive. After several failed attempts, she hired a sniper as an added back-up, desperate. This decision had a much greater impact then expected.

The Wacky Joke Character.

Age: approx. 12.
Hair: Yellowish-Brown.
Eyes: Yellow.
Distinctive features: Always seen wearing his strange costume, consituating of: a simple mask, a cape, mittens, and a shirt with the picture of a little ghost.

Possibly one of the most dangerous inhabitant of Jerico. Using ordinary objects, he modifies them into incredibly powerfull weapons and tools. He runs around, avaiding capture and death caused by the many bounties on his head, causing mischief and destruction.
[author's note: Spook was originaly created as a one-shot character, and now is basically the central focus point. Heh.]

More to come when more character gain importance.

The Rvial.

Age: 25.
Hair: Dark, purplish hue.
Eyes: Black ( no light )
Distincitve features: Often wears a dark trenchcoat, accessorized with leather straps and chains. Carries two automatic guns. Is known to use many vehicules, including an ice-cream truck, a helicopter, and a Pogo-Ball. Also be on the look-out for his man, all drapped in hooded cloaks, and his right-hand man Screw.

A well known bounty hunter, Terminate is mostly reknown for his calmness in battle and his complete disregard for other's life. Heir to a great family, he contributes to the family's wealth with wise stock placement. Also, he is not above stealing from his employers. Please note, however, that he hunts not for the money, but for the simple thrill of killing.