Okay then... Here's a few sites I'd like to link, for different reasons.

Iceruby -- What can I say ? He's mostly the reason why I even have a site in the first place, when at first we were discussing how he'd host Artificial Flavour. But, you know, things changed, and now I have my own place. HEY ! Keep your feets of the table !

HTML Goodies -- Like I said, I'm learning HTML on the fly, as we speak, and I wouldn't have done so much in so little time if it wasn't for this site... Great source, it's all I can say.

-- And now, the five comics I call my "routine"; I check these everymorning, even if they're not supposed to be updated, in this exact order --

Megatokyo -- Once upon a time, back in Cegep, a good friend of mine, Termi, started rambling about some kind of web-comic, or something. At the time, I had no idea what the ferk he was talking about, but I checked the site out. Now, usually I never go to the sites he tells me about, because I can't remember them, heh. And i'm not even certain if this is how it really happened... Anyways. This is the first web-comic I ever read, and I still find it one of the best.

8-Bit Theatre -- Anyone who doesn't like this deserves to be shot. No, that's not creative enough. Anyone who doesn't like this deserves to meet stabidity death. Great comic, great characters, great parody, I know TWO persons I converted to this page. Wee.

Life of Wily -- One of many Megaman based sprite comic, yet I like it, a lot. Lot's of nice effects, very creative interpretations. I landed here after checking out the links at 8-bit's Links page. Heh. Too bad I don't have anything else to say. Banana !

Penny-Arcade -- Bendilin might not like it, but I do, so nyah. I just love gamer humour, what can I say. And boy, was I suprised when I saw how violent it could be. In any case, I stumbled across links to these guys in a couple of places, until one day I finally decided to check them out. And thus they were integrated in my "routine"... Tam-Tam-Taaaaaaammmmm...

Bob and George -- Hehe.. I love the story behind this site, how it came to be. But check it out yourself, I'm rambling enough as it is. Great sprite comic, GREAT re-interpretation of the MegaMan series. AND it hostes like a zillion sub-comics. AND it's updated every friggen DAY ! Gah. I wish I could produce material as fast, but noooooo, I run at an episode a WEEK ! Well, okay, there a bit longer, but still... heh, just check it out.

-- Two more sites have added themselves to my "routine", although they are not comic persay. They are... humour sites, I guess. Though chances are you might not like them. Bah, who cares. THIS IS MY SITE !! GRRRAAH ! --

Chibi-Clan Nudity I love this site. Although I have no idea where they got that name. It's mostly a vast warehouse of reviews of bad stuff, be they games, movies, fanfic, whatever. A tiny bit presumptuous, but I love reading bad reviews, so there. *NOTE* Definitatly for a major audience. Like I care.

DK's Jungle Vine "The hell?" I can hear you say. "A site based on Donkey Kong ? Who in there right mind would look at a site like THAT everyday ?". Well, it's just funny. I don't go there for the info, I go there for the writting. The old cast was deviously sarcastic, and the newer take-over makes the legacy proud. So.. euhm... Don't eat dung.