---- March 27----

Wee ! Okay, today i'm taking a break from my uber history project, so I'm try and talk or something. Like anyone reads this. Well, actually, I know one who does, but I won't name him just to spite him. Pttr !!
In any case, I noticed how much paler the "speach clouds" are in episode 2... It doesn't look as good, I feel... Thing is, to change that would be VERY tedious, so I think I'll leave like it is...
Grr... 1 time out of 3, I press CTRL instead of Shift, and my computer starts doing weird things, depending on what button combination I pressed... GAAH ! It's a capital "B" I want, not to organise my favorites !!!!
I signed up on Megatokyo's message board yesterday, and as usual, I subtly placed the adress of this site in my signature, but I don't think that was wise... I mean, I can absorbe about 20gb of bandwith per month, while Piro must receive like a zillion gb per day, or something...

Bah, I felt like trying to say something worthwile today, but I just don't know what. So instead I'll randomly quote something from my room.

"Get your free Blockbuster Rewards membership with the presentation of your current Student ID card. Valid September 1, 2002 until January 31, 2003.

Over $150 in value!"

Wow... that was useless...

- Rao.

---- March 26----

Ahh... I have a super big school project to work on today... but chances are, if your here, it's not to hear me complain. In fact, I bet it's because I just posted Episode 2 of Artificial Flavour ! So... yep. Enjoy, all 10 of you.

- Rao.

---- March 21----

Feh. Setting up my email account wasn't so bad after all. Considering I have no idea how to view the numbers of hit I get, the only I have to try and figure how many people came is to study the bandwith usage, heh. So please, if you have anything to say, email me here. I welcome all kind of critics, as long as they are constructives. You heard me ? CONSTRUCTIVE !!! GRAAAHHHH !

---- March 20----

Are other newly born webmasters are as over-enthusiastic when they first started ? Gah, it seems it's the only thing I can talk about to my friends, these days...

In any cases, I sorta completed the Contact pages, and I did the links page. WARNING : Apparently, I had a lot of things to say. Fortunately, there won't be any quizzes, so you can skip that particulare reading. Yukon Ho !
So... err... yep. Happy International Francophony Day !

---- MARCH 19----

And thus, the site was born....

Greetings, everyone, and welcome to Artificial Time !
Home of my little comic, Artificial Flavour, and whose's first episode is also aired at my friend Bendilin's site, Iceruby, home of his own comics, and eventually Iceruby, whenever he gets his scanner fixed. Hehe.
Anyways, I'm going to finish up the sections during the week. You'll notice it's nothing much. Well, I don't intend it to be much, at least for now.
By the way, I'm doing this in pure HTML, and I'm learning it at the same time ( hehe... oy.. ), so don't expect anything fancy. I AM NOT ASKING FOR HELP ! I'll manage, just give me some time.

Well, that's it for now... Later, all.


----sometime around March 17-18, I guess...---

Greetings, people of earth...
You are looking at the futur site of the comic "Artificial Flavour", which will be accessible as SOON as I find the time...

By the way, you can still check the first episode of Artificial Flavour at my friend Bendilin's site, check it out here.

I thank you for your patience...

- Rao.